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Open House

Map to Squires Design & Remodleing Office & Showroom

Remodelers Showcase

Parade of Homes

Date: Dec 4&5

Time: 12 to 4 pm


Throughout Anchorage

Call our Showroom to pick up a map and information packet. They will also have maps at each house.


A) 14700 Park Hills Dr. (Bathroom)

      New Seward—L Rabbit Creek—

      L Evergreen—R Park Hills Dr.

B) 12640 Ridgewood Rd.(Kitchen)

      New Seward—L Huffman—

      R Ridgewood Rd.

C) 3720 Spinnaker Dr. (Kitchen)

     New Seward—L (W) Huffman— R (S)Lake Otis— L             (E) Spinnaker

D) 6300 Connors Trail (Kitchen)

      Minnosota— L (W)Rassberry -

      R (N)Cranberry— L (W)64th—

      R (N) Conners Trail Circle.

E) 3818 Wesleyan Dr. (Addition )

      Old Seward—E Tudor—L

      (N) Checkmate Dr—

      L (W) Wesleyan Dr